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Why choose Window Film
for your Home or Office?


These times demand increased solar protection.  Home or office, it's all about reducing energy costs and consumption.  Window film, or solar window film, is applied to the inside surface of the window and comes with many benefits.  Solar window film is used as a heat barrier to deflect direct sunlight.  Here you'll find some of the top reasons why window film is a must. 

Protecting your family's health
Prolonged sun exposure to Ultraviolet radiation may result in acute and chronic health effects on the skin, eye, and immune system.  UV radiation is invisible to the human eye and causes accelerated aging as well as increases the chance of skin cancer.  Dry skin, rashes, and itchiness are additional side effects causes from direct sunlight. 

Window film creates a barrier that essentially blocks up to 99% of ultraviolet light; restricting the amount of direct sun exposure your family receives.  Having window film on your home or office, you can feel safe knowing that you are protected from the sun's harmful rays wherever you are inside your home or office. 

Lowering your monthly energy costs
As solar window films reduce the amount of heat that enters your home or office, you'll find it easier and cheaper to keep yourself and others cool during the hot summer months.  What's even better is that it works the other way around too.  Because of the window film's insulating properties, heat inside will maintain inside during the coldest of months -- Saving you money all year round. 

Prevention from damage to furniture, interiors, and belongings

The main reason for fading carpets, drapes, and furniture is due to the natural heat from the sun that enters your home or office.  In addition, the sunlight can also cause your hardwoods to warp and shorten the natural life of your electronics and pictures.

By reflecting and absorbing heat passively, solar window films prevent up to 70% of incoming solar from ever making its way inside.  Therefore, the issue of damage to your furniture and other materials from the worst natural elements becomes less.

Protecting your privacy

We all need our privacy and having to repetitively draw or pull down shades becomes a hassle.  With window film, you can easily maintain your privacy while keeping the outdoors visible throughout the day.  There are several varieties of window films that can suit your desired needs; just ask one of our professionals. 

Enhance appearance

Although solar window film is not directly intended for decoration, a great benefit of window tint is that the reflective properties on your windows can provide a sleek, luxurious look during the day time. 

Protection from the inevitable

When accidents, storms, or intruders shatter your windows, flying glass can cause significant damage.  This risk can be dramatically reduced with safety and security films.

If you're looking for a way to save money, protect your health, guard your privacy, and conserve energy for years to come, home window tint can give you all this and more. 
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